We are the software company with more than 13 years of experience in developing solutions for the broadcast industry. We develop convenient and easy-to-use solutions suitable either for large broadcasters or for small regional studios. Our clients are “Channel 1 Russia”, “NTV”, “CTC”, “RTTV”, “NTV Plus”, “5 TV”, “VKT” and others. 


Our solutions are customizible and we can consider particular customer needs on every installation. That is why our products can be easily intergated into any existing workflow. We use our own software media framework which allows us to develop hardware-independent solutions.



January 2020


The number of the year 2020: 13,365 hours of closed captions recorded per year. In 2019, important regulatory legal acts for Russian television companies were adopted. We would like to remind you of the most significant provisions so that you can plan your activities in 2020. ...


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Traditional television is developing and becoming a more complex and demanding business. In addition to video and audio, there are subtitles, multi-channel audio, advertising insertion marks, and other technical data in the broadcasted signal. At the same time, regulatory requirements to the loudness level and broadcast continuity have appeared recently. To control the technical parameters of airtime programs, HTS offers a family of products that can reliably record the broadcast signal and the events taking place in producing operationg rooms.


Every effective company wants to control the quality of its products and demand for them among buyers. The product of a media company is an airtime channel and content published on the Internet resources. HTS offers an effective and flexible solution for the detailed analysis and transparent assessment of the results of the media company work – a family of Smart Air applications. Due to the availability in a single instrument of a comprehensive amount of descriptive and business information about the content and its assessment by the audience, company authorities have access to all necessary information to make decisions.


How to make team content production convenient, but not tiringly formal? The answer to this question is given by the family of HTS Production products. Logging and comments to the source materials can be made from your own phone during and after the shooting. In case of a large volume of material, logging can be made on a workstation in the Logger application. All log data and source video are accessible via the Internet on mobile devices and via the web site, for searching and browsing, and even for pre-editing. Software tools are compact, easy to use and have been tested on several successful projects.


The vast amount of available information requires effective methods for perception and memorization of key knowledge. Years of research have shown that information is best remembered when it is presented emotionally, clearly and in structured form. Due to a proven multi-channel media streams recording technology and analytic cognitive functions, HTS solution for eLearning allows you to build an effective learning process, with the involvement of the learner in the process of presentation and commenting of events. Universal access to cloud storage allows gaining knowledge from personal devices at a convenient time.

media Platform

HTS Media Platform is designed for building efficient and reliable solutions that require recording, storage and publication of media streams. A universal, open and hardware agnostic platform is implemented as a stand-alone subsystem, with tools for administering and integration. The platform features frame accuracy, seamless cut-list playback, and extended media playback capabilities. Ability to record various types of media and metadata streams, and support for playback on workstations and mobile devices make HTS Media Platform an effective tool for solving wide range of tasks.