January 2020

The number of the year 2020: 13,365 hours of closed captions recorded per year


In 2019, important regulatory legal acts for Russian television companies were adopted. We would like to remind you of the most significant provisions so that you can plan your activities in 2020.


Hence, in the decree of the Russian Government dated March 29, 2019 No. 363 “On approval of the national programme of Russian Federation “Accessible Environment”, the key activities are defined aiming to provide access of hearing impaired persons to the television content. Among them are:

  • adding closed captions to the television programs on the public federal TV channels;
  • closed captioning capability in real time;

In addition, the document indicates the specific number of closed captions to be produced by all federal public TV channels: at least 13 365 hours of closed captions per year by 2020.


Storage periods

  • TV programmes - at least 1 month from the air date;
  • TV programmes concerning election campaigns – at least 12 months from the air date;
  • Advertising materials – within 1 year from the last air date.

You can find these regulations in Article No. 34 of the Federal Law “On Mass Media” and Article No. 12 of the Federal Law “On Advertising”.


Fortunately, the Smart Air solution already has the new functionality, which allows you to monitor in detail the compliance with the above legal regulations. We have added the ability to calculate total duration of closed captions within a single broadcast day.


For all questions, you can contact support@hts.tv.

We have completed the upgrade of our transcribing solution, HTS Transcriber, for NTV television company. Now personnel of NTV subtitling department can work with growing clips and clips with multichannel audio.

December 2019

In January 2020, an amendment to the federal law "On Mass Media" will come into force, according to which all information programmes on the Russian television will have to come out with closed captions.

Following this significant change, we have added the new functionality to our Smart Air solution. Now it is possible to calculate the total duration of closed captions within a single broadcast day. Decoding and display of closed captions, along with recording of video and audio, allows you to control the quality and quantity of closed captioning in TV programmes, and provides additional options for searching and indexing the recorded material.

November 2019

We invite everyone to the NATEXPO 2019 exhibition!

We are going to demonstrate the technology for shooting entertainment programmes – HTS Production.

HTS Production was used for shooting more than 56 projects in Russia and abroad (all seasons of «Star Factory», «Big Brother» in Russia, «12 Little Africans» in Berlin, «Hunger» in New York, «Bar» in Slovenia, as well as various shows in Serbia and many other interesting projects).

We look forward to see you at booth A50-1.

Join us at the NATEXPO-2019 exhibition, which will be held November 5-7 at the VDNKH, Pavilion No. 75. This year we will present the new version of Smart Air solution for post-air analytics.

We will demonstrate the new functionality: integration with the GTRF portal, access to real-time data of broadcast schedule for interactive Hbb-TV projects, and various user interface improvements – the new timeline, audio peak meters, dedicated audio tracks, specifics of synchronous playback of various sources (IP streams, SDI, audio) and other useful features.

We will be waiting for you at booth A50-1 with useful information and delicious coffee!

October 2019

In 2019 our company became the official distributor of Crowdbeamer products in Russia.

Crowdbeamer is a small wi-fi device that allows you to stream the image of the presentation to all portable devices of the audience. Users not only see the presentation on their phone, but can also take notes, save screenshots with important information, etc. This year we will present the unique Crowdbeamer presentation system for the first time.

September 2019

We are pleased to announce a major improvement in out Smart Air solution: the brand new timeline, which provides frame-accurate zooming. This greatly simplifies work with 24-hour clips and allows frame-accurate searching of the broadcast events.

June 2019

We have deployed the HTS Production system on the new set of «Dom-2» reality show - the yacht. The system was installed on a compact low-noise server. Client applications were installed on two laptops providing logging of two video streams.

The shooting process is 24/7, and all footage after rough-cut editing is transferred to the editing stations in Moscow.

May 2019

On May 22, at the post NAB conference, we made a presentation "Smart Air - the whole broadcast in detail." Thank you all for coming. There were so many of you, and it's great! For those who still have questions, we are open and waiting for everyone at smartair@hts.tv. We will send the presentation to everyone who is interested, upon request.

In April, we completed the installation of Smart Air for TV channels “E” and “MotorSport”. These niche TV channels are distributed through cable and satellite networks. At this installation Smart Air has integrated with Skylark automation system. The main features used by the staff were exporting broadcast fragments for archiving and publishing in social networks, and monitoring the broadcast stability.

We have successfully completed the installation of the 12-channel Smart Air system on TVC. TVC has become the fourth federal channel that uses our solution. Colleagues from TVC have implemented an advanced workflow using our system, including on-demand exporting of broadcast events, recording of screencasts and IP cameras, integration with Pebble Beach playout automation.

In April we completed the installation of the Smart Air solution for NTV company.

Our solution has become an integral part of a complex broadcast complex based on IP-technologies. By request from the NTV, we implemented the ability to send a mandatory copy to the GTRF portal directly from the Smart Air application.

Descriptive metadata is also generated during export. With the technology used, not only pre-recorded programmes are being published to GTRF, but also NTV news releases.

April 2019

Few months ago ended the BAR reality show in Ljubljana, where our HTS Production solution was used. We were proud to participate in this project, and would like to thank producer Draga Polovina for the kind words addressed to our team:


"I would like to thank to the HTS team for being extremely professional and responsible as business partner, as well as for successful installation of the system.

All of the HTS Production components that were agreed, from logging to rough cut editing, were promptly installed and configured in due time. HTS team worked very hard to meet the tight deadlines, and they enabled competent and well-planned training for all of the personnel. HTS team made time to answer all the questions that members of our team had and to make sure that everybody had understood the usage of the programs thoroughly. All the required tests and checks were carried out before launching, complete with fine adjustments that our company needed for the project.

I would like to stress out the importance of HTS colleagues being on site during the project launch, and would like to thank them for advising our staff in the most important first hours of the project. Also, I would like to point out that program that HTS has provided for us is user friendly and very innovative. This program meets all the needs one may have during long and complicated reality projects.

For several months while the project was running, HTS were providing immediate assistance, being in touch almost 24 hours a day. This was very important for successful completion of our project. HTS team was very quick to react to any problem that occurred and fix it, giving us the feeling of being safe and taken care of.

We will be happy to work with HTS again in the next project. Stability, reliability and positive attitude – are best words to briefly describe experience of working with colleagues from HTS."

September 2018

We are celebrating the third successful installation of our HTS PRODUCTION solution in Europe!

On September 4, a new reality project "BAR" was launched in Ljubljana on the "PLANETA" TV channel. According to the ideas of the producers, participants from all Balkan countries live and work together in the bar in the center of the city and are fighting for the main prize.

In the project, we deployed the entire HTS Production workflow. The shooting takes place in the 24/7 mode, 32 cameras in 4 streams, at the output - 96 hours of footage every day. The format assumes daily releases of the series and 3 live broadcasts a week.

Logging main video streams, further rough editing of the scenes and export of ALE files to AVID is made with our applications.

We thank the OMEGA PRODUCTION team for working together, helping with the installation, optimism and an incredible sense of humor. The project will last till the end of January, we support success and believe in high ratings of the show.

Check out the video report from the launch!

July 2018

We have deployed the Smart Air solution at NTV Company, as part of their new SMPTE 2022-6 based IP broadcast complex. During the installation, we have considered workflow features of different Channel's departments.

With the feedback from our respected customers we have collected lots of information for improving the product and for planning new features in future releases of Smart Air.

Recently we have installed demo version of the Smart Air solution at Zvezda TV Channel, and have made an overview  presentation for our colleagues, explaining existing features of the system.

Most of the questions from the colleagues were about regional ads insertion marks (SCTE-104).

We would like to say a special thank you for new ideas expressed, for live communication and interest in our product.

May 2018

In May we have completed the installation of HTS Production for the famous reality show "Ostrov Lyubvi". Here is brief photo report.

April 2018

We thank everyone who visited our booth at CPS-2018 and showed interest in our products!

We were very pleased with great interest in our brad new Card Ingest solution.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We will be hapy to provide you with demo installation of every our product, customized to meet your demands. Just send us a request to support@hts.tv.

March 2018

We invite you to the CPS-2018: a film and television technology exhibition!

This year we will present two products:

HTS Production  logging and pre-editing solution for filming reality shows, TV shows and various entertainment formats.

Card Ingest  solution for automating the process of ingesting and syncing material from various sources: video and photo cameras, smartphones etc. Card Ingest will make a native project for Avid of Adobe for further editing.

Come to HTS booth on March 29-31.

February 2018

In February we have completed the installation on the CTC Channel. There are two servers recording total of 25 channels. Recorded material can be accessed with light web-based TVM Web application, from any PC on the corporate network. For advanced analytical tasks we have deployed the Smart Air solution.

Engineering stuff have access to all information on the broadcast: loudness, SCTE marks, subtitles, on-air graphics, detailed playout schedule.

We thank our colleagues from CTC for their assistance at all stages of setting up the complex and putting it into operation.

September 2017

In Septemper Muz-TV channel has launched a new season of the famous "Star Factory" show by the license from Endemol company. The solution from HTS is being actively used on all stages of the workflow - from live logging to using EDL on NLE stations. Especially for "Star Factory" post-production team we have developed integration with Adobe NLE, and have introduced the new tool - panel which shows logs inside Adobe Premiere interface. We wish success to project participants, and waiting for new music stars to emerge.

Success of every project is highly depends on the team spirit of all participants, and progress of a TV channel is not possible without a strong and motivated team. We introduce a unique tool for collaborative work of all TV channel stuff – Smart Air. Our solution allows to build a detailed view of past broadcasts and analyze it compared to competitor TV channels. On a single platform we have collected information that covers the interests of different TV channel departments – from engineering stuff, on-air teams and marketing department to the top-management.

August 2017

The first problem which all film crews are dealing with during the post-production is to synchronize the footage. This extremely time-consuming routine exists in the workflow of almost every project. Card Ingest application is a solution which will help you to automate copying and synchronizing data from memory cards. Wide range of cameras are supported, including both professional and low-end models. We will be happy to show you the demo during the IBC 2017 exhibition in Amsterdam.

We suggest you to try a fresh technology for shooting entertainment TV programs. HTS Production introduces an all-in-one approach for organizing you shooting process, dealing with ineffectiveness, and making a healthy workflow.

The brand new Smart Air Web allows simultaneous playback of recordings of your TV channel together with your competitors, analyze program schedule and do comparative analysis of the ratings. All data is presented in one single workspace accessible from any browser on any device. We will be happy to see you at the IBC 2017 exhibition in Amsterdam. Try all the features of Smart Air.Web at our booth A.82A.

We will be happy to see you at IBC 2017 at our booth A.82A in hall 8. This time we are planning to show the new functionality of Smart Air, a unique solution for post-air analysis of all broadcast events from as-run logs to program ratings and announces.

July 2017

We would like to say thank you to all our Media Production Show visitors. It was great to meet you and tell you about our products. We would be happy to install demo version of any of our products for you and traditionally some fotos from our booth.

In July we have successfully installed TV Monitoring for GameShow company in Lithuania. Colleagues from GameShow have suggested a few interesting ideas for improving the product, for example creating printed reports for the controlling authoriites.   

By multiple requests from our clients, we have implemented an automated export function in Smart Air application. This feature allows you to export media file for presenting as a mandatory copy for Russian authorities. We have done our best to reduce the time and efforts required from the editing stuff.   

We are happy to announce that our Smart Air product has been added to the Russian General Registry of software solutions.   

This summer our HTS Production solution has been successfully used by “Pelikan” production company. Due to specific conditions – shooting was taking place in different locations all over the country – we have suggested a compact hardware solution. All work was done with a small barebone station and a laptop. We wish our colleagues a successful season and high ratings.   

In July we have completed large-scale project on upgrading TV Monitoring system on “Match TV” tv channel. As a result, number of recorded channels has increased up to 44. More...  

We have installed TVM.web solution on the “NTV” tv channel. It allows simultaneous playback of up to 4 channels, and works on almost any major browser on desktop and mobile devices.   

June 2017

We will be happy to see you at the Media Production Show exhibition in London. You can find us at the booth # 336. We will present new features of HTS Production system. 


May 2017

Developed by the HTS Company, solution manages the Proxy broadcast complex on the Channel One Russia, and has become a part of the innovation project of the file exchange system. Existing HTS Proxy system was expanded and upgraded for working with large number of simultaneously incoming video files. more details...

April 2017

At April we have done the most compact installation of TV Monitoring compliance recording system  Micro TVM  for VGTRK office in Alania. 

We are happy to release a new version of Smart Air Web. The new version has multi channel player with function to check your channel and competitor channels, it has visualization of schedule for each channel, ratings import from different agency. Possibility of access all information in one application through any browser at any gadget.  Ask for DEMO.

March 2017

At March HTS Production has been tested in reality projects "Otelier" for "Friday" channel. Shooting process had specific requirements such as constantly changing of filming locations and all tasks were done completely in this project. Customer plans to make a shooting in a different cities with our technology HTS Production.  

At March we have visited Serbian and Bosnian broadcasters. The most interesting meeting was with Happy TV where we take part in a shooting of most popular reality show at Balkans "Parovi". After technical discussion we done training, so they are testing HTS Production system at their facility now. Looking forward to hear a feedback from our customer.

Febraury 2017

We was happy to visit ISE 2017 in Amsterdam and found new technology partners for our solutions. 

January 2017

Happy new year from HTS company. We wish you happiness and professional curiosity! Have a nice Christmas Holidays!

December 2016

We are happy to know that our product HTS Production was shown for students of Art mediatechnology school. They can see our solution during the shooting reality-show “You can” for channel “U”. 

November 2016

Our company will be happy to see you on our booth # A16-1 in Natexpo exhibition 2016. We will show some new products. 

September 2016

We would like to say thank you to all our IBC visitors. It was great to meet you and tell you about our products. We would be happy to install demo version of any of our products. 

August 2016

We will be happy to see you at the IBC 2016 exhibition in Amsterdam. You can find us at the booth # 9LP7, Hall 9. Please, click link below to choose the meeting timeIBC online catalog

June 2016

We have started extending HTS Production functionality. To meet growing customer demands, we are adding file logging feature to HTS Logger application. This will significantly extend HTS Production’s area of applications.

May 2016

HTS at the NABshow in Las Vegas. We would like to thank all visitors to our booth. We were happy to see our good friends, as well as new potential customers, to exchange news and opinions.

April 2016 

We will be happy to see you at the NAB SHOW 16-21 April. Visit Booth: N4323. 

Lunching at NAB: 

HTS Production – media production system. One of the reality show projects which was done in HTS Production is in the Giness Record book – reality show called DOM 2. The nomination is the longest non-stop reality show in the world. 

TV Monitoring - compliance record system

March 2016

HTS was present at BVE 2016 with its partner Disk Archive company.

March 2016

We will be happy to see you at the BVE exhibition in London. You can find us at booth D19 which is the booth of our excellent partner, Disk Archive company. 

We will present demos of all our new products: HTS Production – media production system and TV Monitoring – compliance broadcast recording.

January 2015

We started out the setup of HTS Production system for ‘Dom-2′ reality show. In contrast to HTS Production Lite our new system designed to perform mid size to large TV projects and besides of online logging, allows to perform full featured spotting (raw preproduction editing) of recorded material and generate ALE files, plots, and wide range of text based reports and notes designated to ease life of executive editors team. The complete system description will appear on our site shortly

December 2014 

We are starting the New year with a festive number. Currently now more than 500 stream channels are recording using our TV Monitoring software. We all are hoping to double this number during 2015.

Congratulations to all our colleagues, partners and friends with Happy new year and Christmas. All our best wishes and let all your best expectations in private and professional life to come true


November 2014 

The fast export function now implemented into TV Monitoring software. This function allows you to export selected part with a single mouse vclick.

October 2014

We started the new development project of reality show production named HTS Production with extended functionality, which will allow to automate the entire cycle on filming process and perform video editing on new episode as fast as in was never before. System will allow to mark the events on the stage online in association to timecode and perform effective search on entire inputed metadata. There also will be pre-edit cut function with EDL files generation to promote them to NLE workstations.

September 2014

We are happy to represent a new version of TV Monitoring system. We have realized a new function – Liveview. Now Users can review Live video streams directly from Ingest servers.

August 2014

We have successfully installed and launched new hardware-software complex TV Monitoring for Information Program Department (DIP), Russia. Presently, our software record 26 IP camera signals, more than 20 workstation signal and also more than 100 audio channels of service negotiation.

July 2014

Our development team presents a new version of client application “TVM Client”. Now Users have possibility to view and create clips using several recorded video channels at the same time.

June 2014

Our company presents a new software product – Micro-TVM – multifunctional solution, which includes RECORD, STORAGE and CLIENT APPLICATION in one product. Micro-TVM have been developed specially for small studios and TV companies. This product can record video and IP streams simultaneously. Micro-TVM is simple and cheap solution, which provides to solve difficult tasks.

May 2014

We have been received a positive review about our product TV Monitoring from our Client “STS Media”. Thank you very much!

April 2014

Our company becomes a member of IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers ). The IABM is the only international association that represents the broadcast and media technology supply industry worldwide. It is the authoritative voice of the industry and seeks to support member companies via a range of benefits, discounts, events, advisory services and training.