Developed by the HTS Company, this solution manages the Proxy broadcast complex on the Channel One Russia, and has become a part of the innovation project of the file exchange system. Existing HTS Proxy system was expanded and upgraded for working with large number of simultaneously incoming video files.


As a result, the workflow was developed that allows content producers, regardless of their location, to access system’s web interface, find program’s unique identifier, attach master video file and perform safe media delivery to the TV channel’s internal storage. With the help of HTS Proxy web player, video files sent by producers can be accessed by various TV channel departments.


The result of combined work of the customer, systems integrator and the developer is the innovative project that accumulated the newest hardware and software technical solutions of the IT industry. The workflow provides quick and transparent content delivery from the producers to the broadcast complex, and managing it inside the TV company. One important feature is logging of each step of the delivery process, and interactive communication between content producers and TV channel departments. The main achievement of the project is increased content quality and ability to make dynamic changes in the broadcast schedule.