Channel One Russia News – TVM

Since 2008, Channel One Russia has used the HTS TV Monitoring (TVM) system in its news production facility. The main purposes for which the system is used are:

  • recording news studio output for subsequent analysis by the creative and production crew
  • recording workstation screencasts to identify potential technical faults
  • recording of communications and streams from multiple IP cameras in control rooms for monitoring personnel actions and efficient analysis in emergencies


In all, the system records, stores and provides authorized access to more than 150 media streams in different formats. In addition, the client application offers synchronized playback of any combination of recordings. Users can choose between a fully featured Windows client application and a basic web client, which does not require installation.


From a technical point of view, the system is deployed on four recording servers and one storage server, which operate continuously, round the clock. Since the system came into use, several upgrades have been made, including hardware expansion and improvement of software functionality.