Channel One Russia Playout centre – SA

Channel One’s broadcasting schedule has always been one of the most dynamic and complicated. Adding to this complexity and pace of change, government regulators impose certificate requirements regarding volume, the number of commercial breaks, etc. This changing environment caused the creation of a new tool for analysing recent broadcast schedules in terms of current and future changes and constrains. Smart Air developments took slightly less than a year, including planning, software development and integration and implementation.


Smart Air is based on HTS TVM broadcast monitoring solution and a specially developed metadata collection and normalization services. It combines all the functions of broadcast recording – video, sound, subtitles, loudness, local ad cue messages, and programme information – in a single client application, with frame-accurate scheduling, metadata on each broadcast segment, presentation of rating and viewing data, information on advertising and promotions. This integrated tool pulled together information that had previously been obtained from different sources, making post-broadcast analysis and reporting significantly easier.


From a technical point of view, Smart Air requires one Windows server, with all operations carried out through a technological network.