Reality-show "Dom-2"

HTS Production technology use in making a reality show, using the example of Russia’s biggest reality TV project. Dom 2 is one of the most popular reality TV shows in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-running reality show in the world, and has millions of loyal watchers. The workflow is organized by an experienced creative team with a clear understanding of the technological aspects of producing a reality show.

Filming takes places 24/7, with the use of more than 50 cameras. More than 30 hours of source footage are recorded every day. Accordingly, quick and effective navigation through the recorded material is very important. HTS Production technology makes it possible to log and describe video streams directly during the shooting process. The editor can add text descriptions or use tags to enrich the logs. The HTS Logger application makes it possible to select up to 20 different tag categories for any particular moment: participant names, location, type of event, etc. As a result, a detailed metadata structure is created.

The next step in the workflow is browsing and pre-editing the recorded material, using logs and tags to do so. The HTS Spotter application is a very simple and convenient set of tools for creating a rough edit. It allows context searching through metadata, and the selection of appropriate segments for specific episode. All of this can be done while the filming process is ongoing. Quick browsing and searching enables the editor to concentrate on the creative tasks.

Descriptions and pre-edited stories then go to AVID editing stations for the making of a final high-resolution master. Using pre-edited episodes makes it possible to save a lot of time when making the final master program. At the same time, the AVID editor has access at all times to all the logs and low resolution video through a lightweight web client running on the same workstation.

HTS Production can also be used to produce printing reports. Reports can be customized to suit any specific project requirements.


HTS Production technology is used on the backstage of Dom-2 every day. It has become an important part of the workflow for the show’s creative team, having made their work significantly faster and simpler.