Match TV - Upgrade

We have completed a large-scale project on upgrading the existing TV Monitoring system on “Match TV” TV channel. As a result, the number of recorded channels has increased to 44. At present 18 HD-SDI channels, 12 IP camera channels, and 14 screencast channels are being recorded. Video and audio media, as well as descriptive metadata (SCTE marks and loudness data) is stored on multiple disk arrays with instant access, and being kept for up to 180 days.


Screencasts are recorded by hardware devices, which eliminates the performance impact on the user workstations in broadcast control rooms.


At present, “Match TV” employees evaluate functionality of Smart Air and Smart Air.Web applications. HTS Smart Air provides the ability for quick and effective post-air analysis, by detecting deviations from the planned schedule. By request from “Match TV”’s technical department we have developed functionality of semi-automated export of clips required by Russian controlling authorities. Due to integration with playout automation system, user only needs to choose the program name from the list, and the system will automatically create exported clip in correct format, with descriptive metadata.


According to statistics, at “Match TV” the system is being used by more than 50 users at a time: technical stuff, program directorate, planning and marketing departments. All data recorded by TV Monitoring is accessible through client applications, with ergonomic and customizable data visualization depending on the tasks being solved.


By completing the upgrade project, we managed not only to expand the functionality, but also to redistribute the load on the system infrastructure, resulting in improved performance of client applications and overall system reliability.