When RT launched its new HD broadcasting system, it set itself the objective of ensuring recording and long-term storage of the output of the main RT news channels, including the multiple language versions. The recording had to be guaranteed, with a minimum bit rate, but of a quality suitable for subsequent re-purposing in RT’s production process. After considering a number of possible solutions, RT’s technical team has chosen HTS TVM, which offered the necessary functions and, importantly, used only standard IT equipment, significantly reducing the cost of support and further expansion.


Following multiple tests, the H.264 codec, with a bit rate of 8Mbps, was chosen as the recording and storage format; high capacity disk arrays and a compact tape library are used for storage. In regards of the urgency of news production workflow, the HTS TVM export module was specifically modified to ensure that selected segments of material reached the Dalet and AVID production systems as quickly as possible. In practice, exporting uses fast segment assembly according to the GOP structure, with the export speed being close to the media file transfer speed over production network.