TV Monitoring - compliance recording


TVM allows non-stop 24/7 recording to disk arrays of virtually unlimited number of media streams, with ability to backup reservation of each stream...more

HTS Smart Air - media analysis platform


HTS Smart Air System was developed to increase the workflow efficiency during air schedule analyzing and forecasting. For solving that we integrated air recording...more


HTS Production suite 


HTS Production is a modern solution for the TV broadcast industry, suitable for both large reality shows and small entertainment projects...more


HTS Ingestic


To automate the process of migrating video tapes into file formats we have developed a unique product – Ingestic. It allows simultaneous recording of up to 4 video and...more


HTS Card Ingest 


HTS Card Ingest allows ingesting media from video cameras and other sources.It provides an intelligent easy to and navigate interface along with a powerful working engine...more