Card Ingest allows ingesting media from video cameras and other sources. It provides an intelligent easy to and navigate interface along with a powerful working engine.


Preview player


Built-in video player makes it possible to quickly preview the source material. It allows play, pause, forward, reverse forward, jog/shuttle and frame forward/reverse operations. The video navigation is frame accurate with the possibility to mark the segments that should be ingested. The audio peak meters for 8 tracks can be displayed. The operator is able to choose the material to work with, which can be either HD source or low-res proxy.


Clip processing


Card Ingest allows intelligent clip processing while creating projects, where all similar clips are grouped together for further processing. Each project has its own set of properties that define how to process media, set of metadata created in the process etc. Card Ingest is able to process a clip's segments so that only selected parts of the clip are ingested. It also allows doing quick ingest, so all media clips will be ready for processing with one click. Automatic search of new media likewise speeds up the ingest process.





Ingested files can be transcoded to a specified media format using transcoding profile. Transcoding profile contains a set of the parameters (aspect ratio, wrapper format, metadata, etc) that allows media essence conversion and wrapping to be defined during the transcoding process.


Metadata creation


For each clip the set of metadata can be constructed based on media metadata, transcoding options and user defined values (needs).



  • Ingesting media from video cameras and other sources
  • Viewing recorded materials
  • Metadata transcoding
  • Metadata browsing