• While digital media world is rapidly growing, there are still a large number of analog video tapes in use. It is not possible to instantly migrate from analog media to digital files due to the nature of digitizing process.
  • Process of digitizing analog media requires a lot of work to be done: setting up codecs, selecting appropriate file formats, organizing metadata, etc.
  • Usually only a few amount of metadata is added manually while migrating media data from analog media. The rest metadata is imported from related data sources, such as databases.
  • Modern workstations and servers are capable of simultaneous encoding of several input media streams in various resolutions, which could greatly speed up the ingest process.
  • HT Ingectic has friendly user interface with commonly used graphical controls similar to Avid, Final Cut Pro and other NLE systems.
  • While developing our products we work in close integration with end-users and try to consider all factors of their workflow. This allows us to create the most convenient solutions. Besides all our products are designed for future scalability and further development according to customer requests.


To automate the process of migrating video tapes into file formats we have developed a unique product – Ingestic. It allows simultaneous recording of up to 4 video and audio streams, depending on the hardware capabilities.


Ingestic allows controlling VTR via SONY 9-pin remote protocol, which allows to check important control points on the tape before recording, and to verify these points in the resulting file. No special hardware is needed to render video from VTR, everything is displayed on the user’s DVI monitor.


Before recording user has to enter unique clip ID which is used to automatically import metadata from ODBC data source or from the web service. This eliminates the need of manually adding metadata fields and therefore reduces errors caused by human factor. Information of the recorded file can be exported to the data source or web service in the same way.


  • Controlled recording from any VTR which supports SONY 9-pin remote protocol.
  • Support for multi-channel recording, depending on the hardware capabilities.
  • Automatic metadata import through ODBC or web service.
  • Use of regular expressions to construct output file name.
  • Preview video from VTR and recorded file playback on the same monitor.
  • Support for subtitles playback from external file.
  • Support for various codecs and file formats.
  • Support for mainstream video capture boards.
  • No specific hardware requirements.
  • Works under any modern Windows OS



  • Simple and egronomic UI.
  • Competitive price.
  • Optional improvements by customer request.