HTS Production is a modern solution for the TV broadcast industry, suitable for both large reality shows and small entertainment projects.


The main technical problem in today’s entertainment media production is to deal with large amounts of media data, and to develop an efficient multi-level workflow. Solving this task directly affects the quality of the resulting project’s master.


HTS Production is a universal tool for detailed media processing during the filming process. Our technology allows editing team to maximize their efficiency and speed while working with any amount of video data, by using rich metadata structure.


HTS Production greatly improves main project’s «health indexes» – Quality, Time, Creativity, Money and Stress.

Stress – entertainment projects often imply high master output pace, which in combination with non-efficient workflow result in large amount of stress for the whole team. HTS Production takes care of every team member’s peace of mind


Quality – maintaining rich metadata for the filmed media, in combination with convenient navigation allows finding all the necessary «points of interest», which helps to create high-quality project’s master. HTS Production pays attention to the details


Time – you can use previously created draft stories to build completed film material, thus reducing its duration and spending less time to create the final master. HTS Production saves your time


Creativity – optimized workflow allows devote more time to creativity in building the final master. HTS Production gives you time for creation


Money – an efficient workflow always results in significant budget savings. HTS Production proves this in practice. 

What you can do with HTS Production?

HTS Production creates low-resolution copy of source media and allows creating rich metadata by adding timecode-referenced tags and text descriptions for any event being filmed.


Recorded media and its metadata can be accessed immediately by editing team for further processing. You can search through all available metadata and do pre-editing with extended media player capabilities.


Pre-edited data can be transferred to Prost production NLEs to create project’s final master. In addition, it is possible to create large number of customizable reports. 


HTS Production stores data in proprietary media container, which is format-independent and provides additional security.


Tasks solved by HTS Production:

  • Work with large amount of video data during the whole filming period.
  • Fast access to low-resolution copy during the filming.
  • Search and navigation by keywords, tags, editor notes etc.
  • Pre-editing from low-resolution media passing results to NLEs.
  • Creating various printed reports.

Advantages of HTS Production:

  • Modern and low-cost solution for TV broadcast production in different formats.
  • Media data security by using specific container.
  • Video accessibility for project’s creative team.
  • Streamlined workflow – from recording to final master.
  • Customizable solution for any project’s specific.
  • Simple and convenient UI tested by numerous projects.

What equipment is needed for HTS Production?

  • Server installed with OS Windows Server.
  • Workstation installed with OS Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and the program Microsoft Office.
  • Video capture device (capture device MSDV, video capture cards, web camera …)

HTS Production Clients:

This solution was used on many Russian and international projects: «Star Factory», «Big Brother», «Alien Face», «Office», «Cars», «Dom-2» (Moscow, Russia); «Hunger» (Silvercup Studio, New York, USA); «12 Little Africans»(Cine+, Berlin, Germany); «Star Factory» (Kiev, Ukraine)  


Particularly, HTS Production is actively used on the Russia’s largest and longest reality show «Dom-2». «Dom-2» has been the leader in reality show ratings in Russia and Eastern Europe for more than 12 years. It is recorded in the Guinness book of records as the longest-running reality show in the world. Project’s successful ratings made it possible for the producers to extend filming locations and to rent the whole island on the Seychelles.

Unique features:

  • Ready-to-use tools for logging, viewing and pre-editing on mobile devices, online, and on a Windows platform
  • Full production and post-production support, from the filming location to delivery of the final master programme
  • Cognitive algorithms automatically enrich manually entered metadata, forming a highly detailed description of the recorded media
  • A high-quality scalable solution that works both on a single laptop and at cloud environment 

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