HTS Transcriber is an application for creating timecode-accurate text transcriptions for media clips. It consists of a media player with built-in text editor, and could be integrated with Dalet news system.


This solution is developed for the editorial staff of the transcription and subtitling departments. The main goal is to prepare text descriptions for TV channel journalists.

Basic operation principle

Inside the application, user can load either independent media clip or Dalet XML file which contains link to the media. Multiple users can work with the same media, as long as they use different parts of the clip. This could be useful during important live broadcasts when the quickest possible workflow becomes vital. With HTS Transcriber it is possible to get the complete transcription in 10-15 minutes after the broadcast is finished.
All transcription data is exported as XML files compatible with Dalet news system.

What can you do with HTS Transcriber?

The application implies two main workflows:

  • Transcription of independent clips - view and transcribe individual clips, export results to XML file.
  • Integration with Dalet - import clips from the Dalet news system, export transcription results to XML file supported by the Dalet system.


In both cases multiple users can work with the same clip.

Main feauters

  • frame-accurate playback of media clips;
  • time-accurate transcription of media clips;
  • multiple users can work with the same clip;
  • find & replace and undo/redo functionality;
  • spell check;
  • exporting transcription results to XML file.


Supported file formats

  • MP4
  • MXF
  • MPG
  • MOV