TVM is designed for reliable and accurate broadcast compliance recording for television channels and production companies. Together with traditional video and audio storage, the system enables analysis of personnel actions in critical situations. Most customers are working with TVM over the Internet, using cloud-based instances.

System is built on the HTS Media Platform, a reliable and wide-spread platform for developing solutions for the professional broadcast industry:


  • objective analysis of incidents with on-air defects and technical problems;
  • technical personnel surveillance;
  • detailed diagnosis of rare and hard-to-find problems. 


HTS Media Platforms provides several end-user applications, each designed to solve specific tasks: multi-stream preview, playout schedule analysis, simple web application. System also has REST API for 3rd party integration and extending customer’s existing business processes.


System functionality and reliability. TVM allows non-stop 24/7 recording to disk arrays of virtually unlimited number of media streams, with ability to backup reservation of each stream.


There could be various media data sources: SDI (including SD, HD, 3G-SDI), ASI, IP cameras, IP TS streams, screencast from workstations, auxiliary audio streams. Media data can be stored in original format (for compressed streams) or transcoded with desired parameters. Auxiliary medatata from VANC/IP can also be recorded: subtitles, SCTE packets, LKFS levels, EPG data. It is also possible to stream recorded media as IP TS for live preview.


Client application allows searching and frame-accurate preview of recorded media and metadata. When analyzing incidents, it is possible to organize multi-stream play back, for example: technical personnel communications, workstation screencasts and surveillance IP cameras. Navigation could be made for all streams simultaneously.


Auxiliary metadata is linked with source media streams, and can also be accessed from the client application. For example, it is possible to analyze exact position and contents of SCTE packets, view subtitles and LKFS levels (as defined by ITU-R BS.1770). Several subtitle standards are supported: WST, OP-47, SMPTE-2032, DVB-Text.

System can also import playout schedules and as-run logs for further analysis. Thise information is synchronized with recorded media and can be viewed while navigating in the client UI. Import tool allows processing and view of any time-based data: ratings, hardware logs, measuring device data etc.


Search and navigation can be made by simple criteria: air date and time, channel name. Media data storage is organized with standard disk arrays. For long-term storage it is possible to use cost-effective disk archive solutions (for example, from Disk Archive Corporation), or public cloud storages. System can be configured to use different coding parameters for each recording channels, various popular codecs are supported: (H.264, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 for video; AAC, MPEG Layer II or PCM for audio).


System allows quick exporting of one or several segments to file in one of standard formats (MP4, MPG, etc). For exported video, it is possible to overlay additional data: subtitles, LKFS, etc. Exported data can also be published to popular video hostings: Youtube, Video.


System can easily be integrated to customer’s existing workflow. By using REST API methods developers can access system configuration for recording and storage, auxiliary metadata upload, export and publishing.

TV Monitoring is used by more than 20 leading TV Channels, with total number of recorded streams over 700.



  Container Codec
Ingest and Storage  HTMC  H.264
Windows Media
Export HTMC H.264
  MPEG-TS H.264

Hardware requirements

To encode four HD channel: 

  • Processor Intel ® Xeon ® 1276v3 with qsv processor and above or equivalent
  • RAM 8Gb
  • Enough local disk space, depends on the selected bitrate (for 8 MBit/sec about 80-85 GB is required per day).
  • One PCI-e 4x slot capable of inserting full-size capture board.
  • OS Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2012.

To encode one HD channel:   

  • HP Z230 TW/ Xeon E3-1246v3
  • Disk space 8GB/ 1TB/ DVD-RW
  • OS Win7Pro + Win8Pro (G1X42EA#ACB)
  • Capture board SDI


Unique features:

  • Frame-accurate recording of many known types of media streams and video signals
  • SCTE-104 and SCTE-35 visual and instrumental monitoring of local ad cue messages in a same client application
  • Multi-stream client for synchronous playback of stored recordings
  • Open-source architecture with ready-to-use integration components and advanced REST API
  • The possibility of working in a virtual environment and the cloud


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