All HTS products are built on a single platform for media streams recording, storing and processing – HTS Media Platform. The platform has been developed for several years; in this component we have implemented complex mechanisms demanded by modern media. Frame-accurate media recording in various formats, support of auxiliary data streams, access to media data from Windows, Apple and Android devices before the end of recording, analysis either during recording or after its completion – all these services are implemented and available for both HTS application products and third parties.

While developing the platform architecture, we took into account the current requirements of the IT industry – the ability to work as a cloud service, scalability, high availability, and security of data storage and transmission via the Internet public channels. Usage of REST API and media streaming service ensure effective interaction of applications and the media platform. Just a few lines of code and actual version of the Internet browser are enough to get started with the platform.


Thanks to the media streaming technology, media clips are never transferred to the client side as a whole. Video player caches only the small part of data at every moment of time. Moreover, usage of proprietary media container prevents unauthorized playback even if someone gets access to the files. 


The platform includes services for either exporting media data to files, or publishing it to online video hosting. Any third party application can implement publishing of selected media to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and other popular services.