Media industry is rapidly growing and changing – the competition between the broadcasters and the Internet increases, new models of content distribution and consumption appear, therefore the necessity to analyze the cost of production and the impact of the content implementation is obvious. To deal with these problems, HTS offers several products, which help effectively analyze technical and business aspects of a media business.

The simplest form of the collaboration of various departments is instant access to airtime records via a standard Internet browser. The link to media fragment under discussion can be sent by email, or saved as part of the document and used on any platform – a workstation or mobile device. The video player used by the system is also available for integration into additional business applications, such as traffic system or packages for statistical analysis of ratings and advertising campaigns.

Currently the Smart Air application is the most advanced functional and comprehensive tool for analytics. One instrument comprises all kinds of data related to the broadcast production – playback automation, traffic system, promotion and advertising production databases, an Internet site visits statistics. Synchronized presentation of descriptive metadata, combined with media data playback, provides unique opportunities to analyze the past airtime and qualified decision making about future programming. Technically, Smart Air allows working with the data with only a few minute a delay from the real airtime, which makes it a brand new tool for supporting live broadcasts.