Due to proper organization of recording and storage processes, it is possible to provide solution for a large number of business tasks. Extended version of TVM solution is being effectively used for analysis of airtime schedule and TV company ratings. TVM Smart Air solution allows working with large amount of data from the automation systems (as-run logs), traffic systems, etc. 

One very important feature is that you can use frame-accurate video to analyze on-air events. Along with video, there is many technical data available: multi-channel audio, LKFS values, subtitles and teletext, advertising insertion points, etc. There is also analytical data, such as on-air events, announces, graphics and ratings.

TVM system core is historically designed for compliance recording and controlling of personnel actions, giving ability to analyze data from various sources – IP cameras, workstation monitors, and intercom audio from instrument rooms. TVM allows effective analysis of any on-air malfunctions from the single application: you can watch video stream at the point of interest, view personnel actions at their workstations, and listen to intercom audio conversations. TVM also proved being very useful for diagnosis of ‘random crashes’ and unstable operations of the hardware. 


Besides pure technical tasks, TVM is very effective tool for content repurposing. The system allows fast access for recorded material, publishing of selected fragments to various web resources – Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and corporate portals. 


Compliance recording and personnel actions control, random crash diagnosis, making reports for inspection authorities, publishing content to the Internet, audio loudness monitoring, air schedule analysis, competitive analysis of ratings and counterprogramming, control of output streams delivered to telecom operators – all these tasks are solved by the TVM program platform.

Moreover, with TVM Smart Air you can organize recording of any competitor TV channels for comparative analysis and better understanding of overall media market conditions. Having video recording and associated descriptive metadata in one solution gives maximum transparency and provides new opportunities for both analysts and technical team members.