The amount of information surrounding us and new possibilities of communication are dramatically changing the familiar world. Knowledge, time and ability to concentrate on problem solving are becoming the most valuable professional resources. For a structured and efficient production of new knowledge, HTS offers the experience of the professional media industry developments. Long-time video records can be displayed together with synchronized text descriptions, which makes it much easier to navigate and find a fragment of interest.

Technically, it is possible to build a service that will allow you to read, watch and search through topics of interest at a convenient time and on any device. Moreover, while creating the training media, the recording and storage of multiple parallel streams – presentation slides, a flip-chart image, a lecturer and audience shooting – are available. With modern mobile platforms, using cognitive technologies of speech to text conversion, pattern recognition in images, and video fingerprinting, lecture recordings could be automatically transcribed into multiple data layers, which greatly increases the availability and value of the information provided. 

HTS regards eLearning as a promising and strategic trend, where our expertise in professional broadcast media could be very useful and demanded.