HTS software for TV production is a modern approach for collecting, storing and using of various descriptive metadata on every stage of content production.


The 3rd generation of the system consolidates many years of experience in deploying large projects all over the world. All software run on mobile devices, connecting through either local network or Internet, allowing users to work locally on site or even from another continent.


Ther Logger Mobile application, running on a smartphone or tablet, allows you to log timecode-based events directly during the shooting process.


This does not require active Internet connection; the application can operate in offline mode, synchronizing collected data with the database storage when connection becomes available.


Logger Mobile allows multiple users to work together simultaneously on the same project. Users can work either on-site or remotely, watching live streaming over network. In any case, all log events will be synchronized and available for later use.


For more complicated workflow, there is feature-rich desktop application, called Production Logger. This is an effective tool for producing large amount of descriptive metadata, using both live streams and media files. 

Production Logger solves such tasks as subtitling, interview transcriptions, and transcribing.

Combined usage of Logger Mobile and Production Logger allows creating the whole set of quality metadata for both source media and masters.


All metadata produced by any version of Logger application immediately becomes available for searching, selection and rough-cut editing in Production Spotter and Production Web applications.


Usage of full-text search, quick access to proxy video, creating rough-cut clips or even masters, generating reports, and integration with AVID/Adobe NLEs – all these features significantly reduce time required for producing programs’ final masters.


Production Spotter and Production Web are designed to work through public Internet, using secured media streaming with the modern HTML5/MPEG-DASH technology.


Video and audio data can be ingested from various sources.Technically, it could be video signals from TV studio, files from removable disks, SD cards from video cameras, streams from IP cameras, etc. 


For effective file ingest, there is Card Ingest application which copies files from removable media to local disks, synchronizes video segments and creates preliminary project for NLE station.